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I've added print-ready tables of my Welsh Rugby Terms
Go to Welsh Rugby Terms

Read about my late husband Chris and his musical instruments

The poignant story of Ann Swingler
My grandmother
Transcriptions of Iliffe and Swingler Family Wills

Excommunications in Milnrow Parish in the 17th or early 18th Century

How to pronounce Welsh letters
The Welsh Alphabet and Letter Names in Welsh

Added new computer tips to my Computer pages
Thumbnails, OE Tips

Read about a remarkable Welsh Woman:
Marged Ferch Ifan - Harpist and wrestler!

Windows Keyboard shortcuts added to my Computer tips page

Population of Butterworth 1715-1871
Population of Butterworth 1715-1871
Halloween page
A Mummers Visit in the 1950s

My family trees
My Family Trees
Alison Lapper added to my Interesting Women Page
Alison Lapper
also Hypatia, Anne Bancroft, Mo Mowlam and more

Some rugby team names in Welsh & English:
Rugby teams in Welsh
A letter from New York State in 1929
Letter from Martha Halstead
Come and frolic with the bunnies in my free Easter pics.
Easter bunnies gallery
See my photos of Escape Into The Park dance festival 2006 in Singleton Park, Swansea.
Escape gallery
Interesting Women
Aung San Suu Kyi
Hypatia, Anne Bancroft, Mo Mowlam and more

Parts of the body in Welsh
Parts of the body in Welsh

New Photos Galleries
Around Swansea 1
Marina 2
Around Swansea 2

Computer Tips:
Change Your Desktop
Email Tips

Family History:
Some of my family trees - including Mather
Bishop's Transcripts for Ratby Parish
Family History
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Visit my special Christmas Pics Gallery
Christmas Gallery

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