This is one of the easiest things to change and it can make such a difference to get away from the rather ordinary choices of picture that are included with your operating system.

*1. If you don't like the wallpaper......
(The picture which shows as the background to your Desktop.)
*2. Right-click on your Desktop, click Properties.
*3. Click the word Desktop to open the Desktop tab.

pic 1 - Desktop tab

*4. Then choose a pic from the list or click the "Browse" button to find a suitable image in your "My Documents" folder or elsewhere.
Click on the image to choose it.

pic 1 - Choose image

*5. Click OK.


Don't use an image larger than about 250kb as it could slow down your computer.

Hehehehe don't even think of using one that's about 2MB as one friend of mine did!
She asked me why everything she did on her computer was so slow and she got the little egg-timer showing every time she clicked!

Use your graphics programme or a free programme such as Irfanview to resize the image. Available here.

Lots of Desktop pics in my Desktops Gallery

and other pics of the right size in my Photos Galleries and Poser Galleries


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