This is the first keyboard shortcut you need!
When you panic because you did something stupid, moved something somewhere or deleted something you really wanted, then this will often get it back.
Do this BEFORE you touch anything else.
Ctrl + Z - Undoes your last action

The Basics:

Ctrl + X - Cuts/moves the text or file which you highlighted.
Ctrl + C - Copies the text or file(s) which you highlighted.
Ctrl + V - Pastes the text or file(s) which you cut or copied.
Ctrl + A - selects all files or folders in a folder.

The "F" Keys:

F1 - Windows Help
F2 - Rename a selected file/folder
F3 - Brings up the 'Find' dialogue box
F5 - Refreshes the desktop or folder you have open.
F11 - Toggles full-screen view of folder/web-page/programme ~ on or off.

The Windows Key

Windows key - Opens the Start menu
Windows key + E - Opens Windows Explorer
Windows key + D - Minimize all open windows.
Windows key + R - Opens the Run dialogue box

The "Alt" Key:

Alt + F Enter Enter - Creates new folder in Explorer or open folder. (Not on Desktop)
Alt + F4 - Closes the active document/programme/folder

When it says eg. Ctrl + F
You hold down the Ctrl key AND the F key at the same time.

For a full list of all Keyboard shortcuts for Windows click here:


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