This page shows the Mather line in my family.

The Mather Family Tree
The Mather Family Tree

Richard Mather was my Great x3 Grandfather and Mary was my Great x3 Grandmother.

Early on in my research I got my Richard and Mary mixed up with another Richard and Mary Mather living in Birtle, Bury in Lancashire because their first 3 children have strikingly similar names. I include their tree here for those interested. Beware of those 'parallel families' who have similar names because they're part of the wider family, they could be cousins of my Richard, but I haven't established a connection yet.
The Other Richard & Mary Mather Family Tree
The other Richard & Mary Mather Family Tree

My Direct Line Maternal
My Maternal Line Family Tree.

If anyone who is researching the family history of Mather families in the Bury, Rochdale and Milnrow area would like to contact me please email put "CB Family History" in the subject.