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Population of Butterworth 1715-1871
Population of Butterworth 1715-1871

Excommunications in Milnrow Parish in the 17th or early 18th Century

See an image of my Maternal Line Family Tree and Paternal Line Family Tree.

See some Iliffe and Swingler Family Wills
Family Wills

including an exciting will dated 1726 which establishes there were two Richard Iliffes living in Kibworth Beauchamp at the same time. The 1726 will establishes the parentage and lineage of Grace Swingler née Iliffe born 1676.

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Family Trees

including Butterworth, Cobley, Harrison, Howard, Jackson, Lanaghan, Mather, McLoughlin, Sutcliffe, Swingler, Wood & Woodford.

Read the very human story of Ann Swingler in Victorian London and Sheffield
My grandmother

Click here to read a letter from one of the Butterworth's American cousins to my Grandmother.
A letter from America written in 1929

A letter from America

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A memory of an old tradition in Lancashire in the 1950s
- Mummers

I'm constantly working on this section, there'll be lots more material in the future.

Here's a picture of my Grandfather, Joe Butterworth (back row far left)in about 1897. He's with his mother, Elizabeth Butterworth and father, Robert Butterworth and his 11 brothers and sisters and their spouses and some of his cousins.

They lived in the cotton-mill town of Rochdale in Lancashire, England.

The Butterworths in about 1897

If anyone who is researching the family history of Butterworths in the Rochdale and Milnrow area would like to contact me please email put "CB Family History" in the subject.
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