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Meet Dafydd, he's standing here in his underwear so that you can learn the parts of the body in Welsh.
English/Welsh Wordlist including plurals and gender

Parts of the back in English and Welsh


English Singular Plural Gender
ankle migwrn migyrnau m
arm braich breichiau f
armpit cesail ceseiliau f
back cefn cefnau m
bottom pen ôl penau ôl m
buttock ffolen ffolennau f
calf croth coes crothau coes f
heel sawdl sodlau m, f
leg coes coesau f
neck gwddf gwddfau m
shoulder ysgwydd ysgwyddau f
shoulder-blade palfais palfeisiau f
sole gwadn gwadnau m
spine asgwrn cefn esgyrn cefn m
skin croen crwyn m

As a broad rule - gender of words associated with the body can be determined as to whether we have one, two or more than two.

If we have 1 or more than 2 they tend to be masculine. If we have 2 they tend to be feminine.

This doesn't always hold true but can help as a guide.

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