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Charlotte is a pop superstar and a national sweetheart in her home country Wales. She started out as a classical singer but now she's made the difficult crossover into pop albums. Her international sales are in the millions.


Charlotte has been a child of the media since she became famous for her first album "Voice of an Angel" (1998) released when she was only 13. The media at first praised her and then printed distorted rubbish about her when she didn't quite act as they expected during her adolescent years. This relentless media attention continues to this day.


How she's put up with all the hype and picking at her private life, and grown up to be the level-headed young woman she is today, quite amazes me! She's talented and beautiful and as far as I'm concerned an attractive and lovable person. She seems sensible enough to ignore what's said about her and go her own way.


Charlotte was obviously born to be a star and loved to sing from an early age. She first showed her talent at a holiday camp aged 3 when she performed the song "Ghostbusters". She enjoyed the experience so much that she had to be dragged off the stage when it was time for the next act. When she was only 8 she went around entering local karaoke competitions and getting noticed for her incredible voice.

She heard on TV that Richard & Judy were looking for talented youngsters. She phoned the producers up and sang "Pie Jesu" over the phone and was immediately invited onto the show. With "Voice of an Angel" Charlotte reached the top 30 in the US charts. She became the youngest artist to have a number 1 hit on the classical charts and the youngest to have a top five hit in the UK.


She's appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She's performed at the Royal Albert Hall and the London Palladium, at the Vatican and for the Prince of Wales and at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.


Charlotte has in recent years tried to improve the image the press likes to give of her as someone who smokes and drinks too much. She launched a campaign to try to encourage young women not to take up the smoking habit. She gave up smoking herself on New Years Day 2006.
All power to you Charlotte!

Her latest charity campaign is to raise money for the Noah's Ark Appeal A charity which is raising money to build and equip the first children's hospital for Wales.


Her boyfriend used to be the Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson and together they became the "Posh & Becks" of Wales. Charlotte and Gavin had a daughter, Ruby Megan in September 2007 and it was reported that they would marry in the New Year, but it didn't happen. Then on January 11th 2009 their second child, son Dexter Lloyd Henson was born.
In an interview with OK magazine Charlotte said she'd like more children but not the eight that Gavin seemed to favour! Perhaps it was the pressures that fame brings or just a clash of personalities but in June 2010 the couple split up. This was only 6 weeks after they'd announced they were engaged to be married.
In Sept 2010 Charlotte was in a new relationship with musician Jonathan Powell.


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