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Please read the notes below before searching the database.
One of the most remarkable happenings on this list was when 3 sets of twins were born in one month - December 1760.

Notes on Transcript methods

I have used both the transcripts of the Milnrow Parish Records completed by Rev F.R.Raines in the 1830s and checked them against the microfilm of the actual documents which he used to make the transcripts.
He was on the whole extremely accurate but occasionally I have corrected some of his mistakes. At one point on a very difficult document he mistook 1743 for 1742 and did all the dates incorrectly. I have corrected this.

The Page Numbers column refers to either FR Raine's transcription page numbers or to numbered original records. Where there are no numbers the pages had no number.

Some of the pages of the original records have further deteriorated in the 150 years since Rev Raines's transcript. So where the edges of pages have disappeared I have had to trust his interpretation of the data on a small number of pages.
All I can say is - thank goodness Rev Raines had the foresight and patience to transcribe the records! That man was someone with great vision, way ahead of his times.

Read some information that he wrote about Milnrow and the Butterworth District here, Also a picture of Milnrow chapel:
Milnrow Facts

This is not a letter for letter transcription of the Milnrow Baptism Parish Records because I wanted the database to be more easily searchable. Therefore I've modified the spelling of names and places and not included the individual vagaries of various clerks' spellings.

In a society where many couldn't read or write it must have been difficult for the clerks to work out exactly what names to record, especially when they were new to the district.

I also needed to be able to use the Autofill feature of Excel to be able to complete the task at all. I'd probably still be there typing if I hadn't used that.

For a list of Surnames in the list, click HERE

If you're really interested in the actual words and spelling variations I suggest that you order and view the Microfilm No. 506448 "Parish Registers 1726-1851. Church of England Chapelry of Milnrow, Lancashire, England" at your nearest Church of The Latter Day Saints Family History Centre.

Click here to view the Milnrow Baptisms List

Spellings for searches:

I've made all placename spellings to the modern name as far as I can.

All surnames Scholefield, Scholfield etc will be found as "Schofield"
It was transcribed as Scholefield in the 1720s and gradually seemed to become Scholfield by the 1750s then later Schofield. I have left Scholefield Hall the place with that spelling, as this persisted during the period covered.

All Haigh will be found as Hague.

All Howorth, Howerth etc will be found as Howarth.
There were no Howards in the area until 1743, whether they moved to Milnrow then or it was a corruption of Howarth I don't know.

All Whittle, Wittles etc will be found as Whittles.

Garsides are found as Gartside.

Miln, Milln, Millne, Milns etc are all Milnes

Wild are all Wilde

The same with Susana, Susanna etc are all Susannah.

Abram is always Abraham

Alys, Als, Ales is always Alice

and so on...........

Turnough, Turner is more problematic. I haven't been able to find out if they're the same place and just due to the different clerks or 2 different places. The modern spelling is Turnough so I've left the 2 variations, also with the Surname.

All name abbreviations now read as the full name.

Interestingly the few names which never varied or were misspelled are Sutcliffe, Butterworth, Robinson and Belfield.

Other than that if you find I've made an obvious mistake please inform me at

If you need to see maps of the area some for the 1850s are available on Old
Just type Milnrow into the search box.

I hope that you find this list useful. It took me a lot of hours to compile. I originally typed it to try to make sense of the many Butterworths and others from this area which I'm related to.



Following the convention of the early 1700s, dates are calculated in the actual records from Lady Day to Lady Day (25th March). This distorts the date by modern standards as dates after January are written as being the previous year. I have corrected this in this table so that it will not mislead modern users. Therefore what is written in the record as being eg. Jan 1727 will in this table be Jan 1728.



Sometimes in the 1700s and earlier the actual record will say 7br, 8br etc for the date month.
This doesn't refer to the 7th or 8th months but to the Latin beginnings of the words as follows:
7br = September
8br = October
9br = November
10br= December

This dates back to the Roman calender which had 10 months.
I have transcribed these to the normal months which they refer to.

Cary B

This database is Cary B. Do not distribute it for commercial purposes. I will take harsh action against anyone who steals my hours of work to make money.


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